Arquivo de Novembro, 2006

Será esta a idade dos porquês…?

Why do we do the things we do?
Why do we love the people we love?
Why do we hug the way we do?
Why do we hear the sounds we hear?
Why do we fear the things we fear?
Why do we tease the way we do?
Why do we wear the clothes we wear?
Why do we see things the way they’re not?
Why do we scream the way we do?
Why don’t we say what we really mean?
Why do I hate the way I do?


Gato Fedorento – 1820 PT

Qual é o número?!?!?

Waiting Can Kill You

Crawling within you
Tormenting your conscience
Keeping you up at night
Conquering your thoughts
Shattering your dreams
Invading your privacy…
Making you paranoid about every little detail, until you imagine “What if…”

It’s a suspense that eats you up inside.

Gato Fedorento – Pago com Miminhos

The clock’s ticking

Alone with my thoughts
I lay by the phone
Waiting… waiting for you!
The clock’s ticking
My heart’s racing
My breath’s getting deeper
And you’re nowhere to be found…
I wonder what is this I feel…?
Is it love?
Is it passion?
Is it despair?
Is it lust?
Is it anger?
Is it… anything at all?
Or is it just me… alone… again!?
I wanna reach out and scream! But you’re nowhere to be found…
I wanna struggle
I wanna run
I wanna fight
I wanna hide
Or am I just scared of giving up?
I fear so little, and yet… so much!
Afraid of asking…
Afraid of staying…
Afraid of leaving…
Afraid of me… Or am I really just afraid of you…?
…and you’re nowhere to be found.
Missing you… Missing us!
I need to feel
I need to touch
I need to laugh
I need to cry
But I can’t… I can’t!!!
The clock’s ticking but I can’t hear it… not now… no longer…!
All I see, all I listen to… nothing but the solitude of our hearts.
I look into the mirror, but who is this I see? A sad, distorted figure… An extension of you, but not me!
Laughing, I cry myself to sleep… But the clock’s louder now. Telling me you’re not here…
No! I can’t possibly bare that thought…
But there’s nothing to prove…
Nothing left to lose!
The phone’s ringing…
Struggling with my eyes
I fade away…
Fade away to a place where I’m nowhere to be found.

When James became Bond…

Vesper Lynd: Am I going to have a problem with you, Bond?
James Bond: No, don’t worry. You’re not my type.
VL: Smart?
JB: Single.

Confesso! Eu era uma das cépticas!
Mas fiquei rendida a este novo 007, mais frio, mais implacável e mais sedutor… 😉