Aaaaai… a minha vida!!!

I was so proud of myself… thinking I had successfully turned off that little button in my head.
Well… I really think I kept it in off mode for a while. But when I had it for granted, you came and twisted it on… Why…?
I wonder why… Actually… I don’t think “why” is the real question, maybe it’s more like: “What for?” or “Did you know you’re doing it?” or “Why can’t I fight it?”… I’m starting to think that maybe… and just maybe! I don’t want to…


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  djamb wrote @

Perhaps you’re needing to take a break of yourself… I mean, sometimes we just need time to clear our mind and take a minute to think about the “Whys”.

Actually, the solution to our questions is often at our sight. Instead of making us take a break once and for all, it just shows us a “on and off button”, but it isn’t always that simple, is it? Perhaps you just don’t want to… or don’t know how to 😉

  Cuca wrote @

never thought about it that way! maybe I don’t know how to…

  djamb wrote @

Juuuuuuuust do it! (where have I heard this before? :D)

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